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Posts published in “Day: May 12, 2021

Is it cultural appropriation to wear a hijab?

I am white and not Muslim, but I believe that the hijab is so beautiful and I would like to try it because the more I look into Islamic culture the more interested I am in it. I dont want to offend anyone or appropriate the culture, I just really like learning about other people's beliefs besides Christianity. Is it okay if I wore one if I learned how to wear it properly?

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Lessons from the Leading Edge

Early studies on COVID-19 hold lessons for any new area of science - approach with caution and stay open to change.

I dislike Asian culture so much. how to relieve the feelings ?

I think Asian culture contributed to my suffering a lot. they repress *** and make children sexually uneducated. they force ideology on how a good person should be without really consider what is good for a person's life. they are superstitous in many ways. they use shame to make you comply to their flawed culture and simply would not be sympathetic about people's issues.

i wonder if ya all feel the same about it and how do you cope with this. Thanks you all in advance.

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