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Posts published in “Day: May 14, 2021

Assignment for school and an opportunity to learn

For a multicultural class I was tasked with learning about Mexican culture. I was wondering if anyone of Mexican heritage living in the U.S. would like to answer some questions for me about their experiences. Some of the questions may be a little personal for some, but you can answer how you best feel comfortable. Any help would be appreciated. Please send me a message if you are interested. I can't wait to meet you! Thanks!

Edit: I have received help for this assignment, but thank you for showing interest!

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Why are most Indians successful only after they leave the country

So I do know a lot of Indians who are successful in India as well, but they already come from wealthy families. I rarely see a working class Indian who becomes successful in India. I usually notice that most of the middle class Indians travel and work in other countries and become more successful there. India is only good if you're a rich Indian. A poor or middle class Indian rarely makes it. They live a very basic life with one car and one house and maybe a foreign holiday once in 5 years. Why is India so hard for average income people?

Exceptional cases include the showbiz industry. But I'm not referring to those.

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