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Posts published in “Day: June 10, 2021

A Concise History of the British Mod Movement

Full article here. "Emerging from World War II, the youth of London found themselves in a period of traditional values, conformity and drabness. Struggling to escape the oppressiveness of morals, family obligations and strict discipline in schools...

Discovering the Secrets of a Happy Marriage

“It’s just like an American to think you invented the family.”

That’s what Dr. Lilian Wahomey, a psychologist in Kenya, jokingly said to me over lunch one day. I met with her almost 25 years ago to explore ways Focus on the Family could come alongside families in Africa.

I asked, “Do you think a focus on marriage and parenting is be relevant in this part of the world?”

With a friendly smile, she reminded me that the core needs of marriages and families transcend language, culture, nationality, and socio-economic status.

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