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Posts published in “Day: July 13, 2021

Questions about smart switches

I have just started playing with some smartbulbs and smartplugs, before I start buying smartswitches for my home (which has a lot of switches) I have a few questions that google couldn't answer clearly.

All rooms in my home have two switches, one at each end of the room, from which I can turn on and off the lights independently.

Is there a way to let google home / alexa / home assistant know that these work like this while both are wired to the bulb, or should I just keep one connected to the wiring and use an automation as the other? I am not even sure I can wire the same way with smartplugs as the originals are 3-way switches.

if I do this, the one that is not wired to the bulb will not work without internet, is that correct?

Can I use a smartswitch and not connect the wires to the lamp and use the button to start an automation? I want to have a double switch that has one button to turn on/off and another that does something else, like changing the color.


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Is it possible to connect to cloud using MQTT on a microcontroller that does not have embedded linux?

Hello everybody,

I have a question regarding a project I'm doing for my embedded course. I have a SAMA5D2 Xplained board and a cellular network module that communicates to the microcontroller over UART. I want to connect to Cumulocity Cloud using MQTT.

Every tutorial I find seems to use libraries for embedded linux and I don't want that. I want to write a library for bare-metal implementation. Is there anything that can help me do this (course, existing library, tutorials etc.).

Any help is appreciated!

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Getting on the Same Team Financially in Marriage

My wife and I approach recipes differently. Jean has a degree in biochemistry. She’s smart and sees life as a series of precisely calculated moves. To her, recipes are a detailed road map to be carefully followed. If the instructions call for one cup of flour, she’ll measure exactly one cup. She’ll even use a knife to scrape off the excess.

I’m more of a free spirit with recipes. I don’t see them as “a roadmap to follow” as much as “a few things to keep in mind.” I kinda, sorta measure ingredients, but not very carefully.

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