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Posts published in “Day: July 14, 2021

Olivia Rodrigo Wants You All To Be Happy And Healthy And Vaccinated

Olivia Rodrigo served vintage looks today at the White House, looking happy and healthy, and telling young people to go get vaccinated against COVID-19. The “Good 4 U” singer visited the press room today (July 14) in a pink-and-black plaid Chanel skirt...

IOT Mesh Network in Dense Forest

I'm designing a system of devices that need to communicate (using mesh) in a dense forested environment. There will not be line of sight between the devices. I am new to LoRa and am seeing conflicting things regarding using it in forests. Will LoRa work in a dense forest? And if not, do you have any recommendations on what will?

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Installing EdgeFS on IoT boards

Hi, As I understand to install edgeFS on an IoT board I need to run either Docker or Kubernetes. I plan to install it on a raspberry pie. But I also need to try and install it on another less powerful board, do you have any suggestions on what would be...

Making Virtues a Daily Part of Your Family Life

One of your most important responsibilities as a parent is to pass your faith and values on to your children. It may also be one of your most challenging tasks. A shocking turn of events at the 2008 Summer Olympics illustrates why.

Both the U.S. men’s and women’s 4 x 100 relay teams were expected to compete for the gold medal. Instead, neither team made it to the finals. Their exit from competition wasn’t because another country outran them.

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