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REST API for time series Database

REST API for time series Database

Hello guys, can someone help me understand this diagram that I found on stack overflow, I'd like to adapt it to my use case, but I fail to understand why would he need a REST API and a WEB front-end all together if he could use a pre-existing dashboard solution like Grafana. My solution uses a TSDB (InfluxDB) and the motoring will be handle by Grafana

I'm asking this question to find out what's the utility of a REST API here because it seems in my project there isn't much code to write and I'd like to write more code to make the project more my own instead of relying on existing (albeit great) technologies.

Sorry if this questions seems dumb :P

Thank you!

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Wave power: oceans from the shoreline – in pictures

This summer’s group photography exhibition at Bildhalle, Zurich, explores the theme of oceans, taken from the perspective of viewers standing on the shoreOcean runs at Bildhalle, Zurich, 15 July to 25 September Continue reading...