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Posts published in August 2021

IOT with Cellular Modem to listen to SMSCB (Cell broadcasts, e.g. amber alert, not texting)

Thanks for reviewing my post.

I need to use an IoT device, i.e. SBC, to connect and interface with a Cellular Modem, like SIM7600G-H and listen to Cellular Broadcast messages, e.g. Wireless Emergency Alerts or like Amber Alerts. These messages use a control channel to send alerts out by message Id to all cell phones in a geographic area. Not all modems support SMSCB features. Anyone work with SMSCB or cellular modem with global band support (i.e. band 3 and other US bands)? I've had problems receiving alerts, of course they don't get emitted often. Any experience using this set of features would be appreciated. Thanks

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In-Hive Sensors Could Help Ailing Bee Colonies

The technology could help beekeepers reduce short-term losses, but it doesn’t address long-term problems facing honeybees

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The Pandemic Caused a Baby Bust, Not a Boom

Birth rates in many high-income countries declined in the months following the first wave, possibly because of economic uncertainty

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Wifi switch to reboot my Cable modem?!


Is anyone aware of a switch that will turn back on regardless of it's connected status?

I'd like to reboot my small IT closet in a remote facility. I've yet to find a switch that will turn back on if the WIFI drops.

Thank you!

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Suggestion for non wifi based wireless switches

So I'm trying to remotely control the lights in my house but do not want to connect them to my home WiFi network. A 433Mhz RF receiver connected to a relay seems like a good option. I can control the receivers with a hub built using a raspberry pi perhaps. This way the only internet connected device is my pi. Is there a better solution than this?

Connecting a bunch of WiFi switches to my home network makes me nervous, especially when all the device needs to do is turn on and off. Also with this solution, I can always have a separate remote that can work with the lights even when my wifi network is down.

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