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Posts published in “Day: September 8, 2021

ThingsMobile Anyone?

I want to deploy a few Netgear Cellular Modems and found ThingsMobile online and purchased SIM cards and service through them. Their tech support in the USA is limited to emailing back and forth with Italy. Anyone here have experience with this provide...

Kendrick Brother’s New Film “Show Me the Father” Highlights the Fundamental Importance of our Heavenly Father

Do you have a father story? 

For good or bad, our dads cast a long shadow across our lives. 

Readers of this blog likely know that my biological dad, stepdad and foster dad all let me down – and all by the time I turned 13. 

While the majority of people may not have suffered from that degree of disappointment, sadly, my challenges coming from a broken home are no longer that unusual. 

According to the most recent data, a quarter of children – or 17.4 million – live in a home without a dad. 

A new documentary by the Kendrick Brothers (“War Room” & “Courageous”) aims to shine a bright light on the connection between our earthly, imperfect dads and our Heavenly Father, who can ultimately meet our every need. 

It’s called, “Show Me the Father” and it opens this Friday, September 10th. 

I was privileged to participate in the project, and have been praying that my story, warts and all, might minister to those who will be watching. 

Stephen and Alex Kendrick see the film as a calling – not simply another creative project. 

According to Stephen, “*** said, ‘You need to make this documentary about fatherhood.’ So we moved forward by faith, and we were able to connect with some of the coolest, most emotional stories about fatherhood.

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Thriving in the Early Years in Marriage

Most newlyweds view their marriage as an empty canvas. It’s a perfectly clean, white surface where a beautiful portrait of their marriage will appear.

The reality is usually quite different. Each of us enters into marriage with color already splashed across our canvas, colors that reflect a set of expectations we may not even realize we have. The influences on our marriage begin not during the dating phase or at the wedding, but with assumptions about relationships that are formed from childhood.

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