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Posts published in “Day: September 9, 2021

How can I properly find relevant IoT roles in my area?

I am interested in IoT especially as it relates to cars, manufacturing and cities. But as a new grad I don't understand a lot about what sort of roles are out there. I know there are Hardware/Embedded roles related to creating sensors. I know there are IoT platforms on the cloud. But what type of role involves using these to build solutions?

For example: If a factory wanted to add IIoT aspects, who comes and helps them install the right sensors, write software for handling their data etc.

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Liberal Doubletalk and the Situational Logic of the Left

When does life begin?

Can only women have children?

Recent answers from liberals to both of these hotly debated questions might surprise you.

In a stunning admission, New York Times correspondent Jonathan Weisman acknowledged, perhaps inadvertently, what science and common sense have long affirmed – that life begins at conception.

The startling comments from one of the nation’s historically liberal newspapers came in an article detailing the Democrat party’s push to pass an unprecedented $3.5 million budget designed to dramatically expand nearly every area of social welfare.

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I have question about M2M sim cards

Long story short, I was abroad in different countries i have sim cards from different places. I came home and went to an office for paper work they found a strange sim card and called me.

I went back and checked it, it was written m2m, I understand the concept of machine to machine for IOT applications. And I don't recall having sim card like this.

My question is, can you buy what is suppose to be regular sim card and it turns out to be M2M. Can it have regular usage in our daily life, like maybe it dropped from router or sth. Any security risks?

I don't think it's mine but the place I was in and type of people visiting not related to some common applications. If you have more info. plz share.

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