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Posts published in “Day: September 14, 2021

Looking for IoT engineers

HI, ​ I work for Blynk, and I am looking for guys who made their projects on Amazon Cloud or Google IoT Core. If you have a second please leave here a message about how you were choosing between clouds. submitted by /u/sgluhov [l...

*** work

ACLU twitter informed me today that it is national *** worker day. I am curious what people think about the legality and/or morality of *** work? Do mention what country you belong to and why you think what you think! submitted by /u/Snoo...

Engaging the Culture with Truth and Love

Our country is at a crossroads. Society is rapidly changing – and not always for the better. Some people call it “woke” or “cancel” culture, where only certain points of view are allowed to be expressed.

Many Americans feel like these disturbing seismic changes happened overnight. The truth is our culture has been chipping away at the Judeo-Christian value system for decades.  Increasingly, the Christian viewpoint is unwelcome in public settings. And that problem will only become more challenging for families and for the church.

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