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Posts published in “Day: June 21, 2022

Anyone have recommendations for an industrial battery powered temp/humidity sensor that can be calibrated?

I am doing a job that requires long term temperature and humidity logging. We'll need to have about 40 sensors, they must be battery powered, be able to function with 3rd party or custom software, and we will need yearly calibration certificates.

It seems like the ability to calibrate is the big blocker as everything I've found that I can get a cert for seems to be integrated with some proprietary system. If I can find something that works with LoRaWAN or maybe even WiFi if the battery can handle it, that would be optimal. We would really like something we can have the local cal lab certify instead of having to ship off the sensors as well.

Also is this the best place to ask this? If anyone knows of better subs for this kind of question that would be great as well.

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Key witness in Nipsey Hussle killing is pressed over errors

An attorney for the man on trial for killing rapper Nipsey Hussle pressed the woman who says she served as the unwitting getaway driver over errors in the testimony she gave for the prosecution

Review: A big heart and one googly eye in ‘Marcel the Shell’

The experience of being small, and knee-weakeningly cute, is much at the heart of “Marcel the Shell With Shoes On,” very possibly the sweetest, most cuddly movie ever made about a mollusk, writes Associated Press Film Writer Jake Coyle in h...

Baseballs really went from sticky to slippery in less than a year

Today is the one-year anniversary of MLB’s ban on sticky substances. In that time, we’ve seen a massive decrease in spin rate, a few suspensions, plus a striptease or two from Max Scherzer and company. Even most fans seemed to like the change. Yes sir,...