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Posts published in “Day: June 26, 2022

Evil Recap: ***** As ****

A demon in the sheet and a new cryptocurrency? This is literal ****.

Rings are important symbols in a lot of cultures spanning from ancient Nordic mythology to the traditions of the Islamic world! What is the strangest type of symbolism related to rings you have heard about?

Rings have represented a long list of things through various cultures, wealth and power being common, but they have also represented greed and temptation and been associated with curses (such as in Nordic mythology) and evil spirits. They have also bee...

Diana Ross at Glastonbury review – disco diva detonates explosion of joy

Pyramid stageConfidently filling the traditional Sunday ‘legends’ slot at the festival, the fabulously attired Motown and disco star treated the vast crowd to hit after hitDiana Ross makes quite an entrance to the Pyramid stage’s traditional Sunday aft...

It’s Hollywood FC now

The idea of MLS as a retirement home has been a misnomer for a while. While the league might not pull in the biggest players in the world in their prime, it certainly isn’t waiting around until they can’t move anymore, for the most part (those watching...