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MQTT app for android widget buttons

Hey guys, I couldn't find an app to make MQTT widget buttons with so I worked on my own one and I think a lot of you might find it quite useful.

The app is free btw.

It allows you to place configurable widget buttons on your homescreen with an option to make them require a fingerprint authentication upon a press.

It also allows you to create a permanent notification with up to three customizable buttons in it for fast and easy access.

Looking for some user feedback so I can improve it a little bit more.

If you have any interesting ideas that you would like to see in an MQTT app and would be useful definitely let me know.

Download link:

(Please don't remove for self-promotion, the app is free and I genuinely want to make a good app for the community)

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And, viola, Cameron Smith’s charisma is gone

We’ve reached a point where a golfer has to take a blood oath on their mother’s grave while stabbing a voodoo doll of Greg Norman for me to believe that any of these amoral sociopaths are staying with the PGA Tour. My hopes weren’t high for Cameron Smi...

Marshawn Lynch arrested for DUI in Las Vegas

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