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Posts published in “Day: September 4, 2022

The Curious Hole in My Head

Born without my left temporal lobe, a brain region thought to be critical for language, I’ve been a research subject for much of my life.

The Quiet Cost of Family Caregiving

Many employees reduce their hours or stop working to help ailing family members. But it may be years before they fully return to the work force, studies indicate.

Which highlevel programming language is best to use if trying to build complex IOT systems/products?

Hi guys, final year electrical electronics engineer here. I am trying to build an automated home system as a project, so I have been diving deep into IOT and currently I'm just a little bit overwhelmed.

I really don't want to have to learn too much coding because honestly one of the reasons I chose engineering was because I really prefer not having to code extensively (I started out as a CS major) . As I stated my research into IOT, it opened my eyes to the possibilities this field has to offer and I honestly believe this is where things are definitely headed. I would like to develop advanced skills in this field and also try to develop some products in the near future, I will prefer not to have to learn Embedded C to be able to achieve this. Yes I am asking for a shortcut.

The issue I am currently facing is really just the sheer size of the field, like it is massively broad. So please if anyone is willing to help. Below are a few of my questions.

  1. What high level programming language can help me build complex IOT systems and products. I have heard about RUST, Go & Lua. Is it okay to learn these from the start or do I start with something like the Arduino IDE language which I believe is an extract from (C/C++).
  2. I thought using a microprocessor was just plugging it to a power source and running code on it in an IDE that recognizes the hardware and a language that supports the microprocessor, but lately I've also been reading about firmware and it confuses me. Can someone explain the use or effect of changing firmware on a microprocessor? why do people do it?
  3. Which platform is best to learn with. AWS, Azure, Google or are there any others you would suggest?

That is all. Thank you so much!

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The Iñárritu Wars Begin Again

Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu’s much-hyped and achingly sincere Netflix movie Bardo arrived at Venice, only to be swiftly panned.