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Posts published in “Day: September 22, 2022

TNF Week 3: Najee Harris has a lot to prove, and he (probably) won’t

Through two weeks, Steelers’ halfback Najee Harris has recorded just 72 rushing yards on 25 attempts. Meanwhile, Bengals’ quarterback Joe Burrow has been sacked 13 times for a total loss of 73 yards. Harris has been so inefficient (3.47 yards per carry...

Forming New Habits for Your Marriage

The wear and tear of everyday life can take a toll on even the happiest couples. Which is why marriage and family counselor Dr. Randy Schroeder says seeking daily happiness is unrealistic. A better approach is to pursue consistent marital satisfaction.

How? Through good habits.

Dr. Schroeder offers “4 daily essentials” that will help create good habits in your relationship with your spouse:

“Goodbye, I love you.” Whoever leaves the house each day first should be the one to say this.

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