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Posts published in “Day: September 24, 2022

This company is still sticking by Brett Favre

As the misdeeds of Brett Favre continue to worsen, the image of the clean-cut Packers’ quarterback has deteriorated from all sane walks of life. Tag in Copper Fit, a brand of copper-infused athletic apparel designed to help reduce soreness and increase...

It’s OK to enjoy Albert Pujols’ 700th home run

I never know how to write about the teams or players I like. I could pen 2,500 words on Albert Pujols in 20 minutes, literally breaking Mavis Beacon records along the way, and none of it would be coherent or old-time-y poetic like in the days when you ...





Suggestions for low-cost white-label MQTT dashboard provider

Hi folks. I'm working on a proof-of-concept for a client. I'm planning to read some electrical parameters via Modbus at (ideally) one second intervals, and push them to the cloud via an integrated Modbus master/MQTT gateway/GPRS modem.

It looks like there are a few companies offering services as MQTT brokers and dashboard providers. Here are some requirements for the dashboards:

1) Real-time display of data using line graphs - up to twenty devices being monitored, with ten time-series parameters collected and displayed for each device

2) White-labeled, so the dashboard provider's logo and branding is removed and I can substitute my client's instead

3) My client will need to allow dashboard access for some of their clients, who will see only the devices relevant to their sites. So there needs to be some level of account management, user access controls per site, etc.

4) Dashboards need to look professional on a laptop or PC (essential) and ideally on mobile devices too (nice to have)

I've looked at Datacake, Thingsboard, Geckoboard... but I wanted to get some feedback from this community before I commit.

Any thoughts on your preferred provider for the MQTT broker and visualization services? Is twenty devices, with ten parameters measured at one second intervals on each device, a reasonable amount of data for the architecture I've described? Any glaring holes in my strategy?

Many thanks for any insights you can offer.

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