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Posts published in “Day: November 25, 2022

U.S. beats England, 0-0

What psychopath called the long-awaited United States men’s national team’s Black Friday showdown against England a scoreless draw? I’ll have whatever you’re drinking. After gaining my bearings after that stiff cocktail, and realizing Matt Turner nor J...

How to properly configure OSPF protocol?

I have this simple 3 router network that I need to configure the OSPF for, when using two routers every thing works fine and i can ping but when I add the third router nothing works

left router
interface se0/1/0
ip address

what is the hop forwarding address for a subnet? [closed]

The router would have an entry in the router table like this
destination address:
subnet mask:
But what would be the forwarding address in this case? What address does it forward a packet that goes into 128.32.1.x?...

Do I send entire domain to TLD in request? [closed]

Suppose I want to be resolved.
Does the TLD (com) only receive a request for, or do I just ask for in the hope the full domain is cached?
Is it a recursive DNS client decision (privacy versus chance of cache h...

Connectivity between two EC2 instances does not work [closed]

I try to ping or ssh between these instances (A to B), neither work, both time out.

Instance A (i-0e332d1880c8f93ae) - CentOS
Instance B(i-0a1e4a76358059ba3) - Debian

They share VPC, and the security groups and Network ACL are properly c...