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Posts published in “Day: November 27, 2022

Ronda Rousey is still so bad at this

For those of us that had the initial burst of hope when Triple H took over creative for WWE, the status of the company after last night’s Survivor Series: War Games PPV PLE was about as sobering as seeing flashing lights in your rearview at 3 a.m. The ...

Jon Batiste to sing for Macron at Biden’s 1st state dinner

The White House says singer Jon Batiste has been chosen to perform at Thursday's state dinner that will highlight long-standing ties between the United States and France and honor President Emmanuel Macron

Henry Silva obituary

American stage and screen actor who oozed menace in his many roles as the bad guy, heavy or villainThe actor Henry Silva, one of the screen’s most chilling villains, who has died aged 95, once complained: “I got typecast as a heavy. There’s no reason i...

Feast and famine for Disney at Thanksgiving box office

Thanksgiving often serves up a feast of new family movies at the box office, but the Walt Disney Co.’s animated offering “Strange World” fizzled with audiences out of the gates

Welcome to the pressure cooker, Matt Rhule

It’ll be interesting to see if the day ever comes when the hiring of a new coach at Nebraska is met with a cavalier attitude. “Well, ****, why not him?” is only uttered when the university names a men’s basketball coach. Read more...

Ohio State had everything to lose, and that’s exactly what happened

The annual ******* contest of the Big Ten’s only two good teams took place Saturday, and like last year, it was Michigan emphatically stomping Ohio State. Unlike a season ago, this was in Columbus, and despite what B1G commissioner Kevin Warren will te...