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Posts published in “Day: March 3, 2023

What is the Round Trip Time for this network

Round Trip Time
Let N be a network with the following characteristics:
A signal propagates on the transmission medium with a speed of 10km/ms.
A host requires 10ms to generate a packet.
A network control unit requires 10ms to accept and an...

Why do people assume you don’t like their whole culture because of certain things?

For example to be safe for the reddit mods. I don't like how much we waste on ****** **** we don't need in the west. Doesn't mean I hate the west. Their is cool things about all cultures. But doesn't mean I don't dislike some things. I have been eating from all cultures since i was kid. I grew up and was surrounded and friends with different cultures. The mods ban me in the tooafraidtoask subreddit over this question. Which is ********.

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