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Posts published in “Day: March 21, 2023

The Never-ending Storyteller

Daniel Benmergui knew his innovative indie-game concept could work. He didn’t know it’d take him 15 years of development **** to put it out.

Leave it to an influencer to talk mess with only 9 points to her name

Something happened at the end of Miami’s 70-68 upset of No. 1 seed Indiana in the second round of the women’s tourney Monday night that got a lot of run — not because it was a great play but rather because of the internet. With 12 seconds left on the c...

6125XLG blade switch IRF configuration in c7000 chassis

I have HPE c7000 chassis with 612XLG switches. I am trying to setup IRF between blades switches. somehow i am not able to bring up irf-port interface.
In 6125XGL TE1/0/17-20 ports are internal backplane ports connect two switch together. L...