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Posts published in “Day: April 5, 2023

Can we just skip the Eastern Conference play-in tournament this year?

As the NBA regular season nears its end, teams continue to jockey for playoff and play-in tournament positions producing some wild races heading toward the finish line. The race in the West is setting up for a photo finish over the last few days, with ...

Johnny Depp drama to open this year’s Cannes film festival

Historical drama Jeanne du Barry stars actor as Louis XV and marks his first film in three years after defamation trialA French historical drama starring Johnny Depp is slated to open this year’s Cannes film festival.According to reports, Jeanne du Bar...

Did Donald Trump hijack John Carlos and Tommie Smith’s raised fist?

In 1968, John Carlos and Tommie Smith risked it all at the Summer Olympic Games in Mexico City as they stood on the podium with their fists raised high. On Tuesday, a twice-impeached former President who has been harassing and harming Black people for ...

Review: A different kind of underdog story in ‘Air’

Ben Affleck's new movie “Air," about the origins of the Air Jordan Nike sneaker and how Michael Jordan chose the company to align with over the more popular Adidas and Converse, is not really about Jordan

The baseball may be Flubber again

The baseball season not even being quite a week old is probably not the best time to draw conclusions. That’s not going to stop us though, as within these walls is where logic goes to die. But if you’ve been paying even cursory attention so far, you mi...

‘How to Blow Up a Pipeline’ explores vigilante eco-sabotage

When the creators of “How to Blow Up a Pipeline” initially set out to adapt the book that critiques the docility of climate activism, director Daniel Goldhaber had a very different vision than what they eventually made