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Posts published in “Day: April 10, 2023

At Princeton, a turnaround one man saw coming

“I was born delusional,” said Chris Ayres, Princeton’s head wrestling coach, earlier this year. “But I think — I really do — that delusion is a good thing.” He just proved his point. At Tulsa, Oklahoma’s NCAA wrestling tournament last month, Ayres pull...

The Mavericks give away the game

Well now it’s pretty obvious what NBA teams really think of the play-in tournament. The Dallas Mavericks spent the weekend doing everything they could to drop right out of the 10th seed and into the draft lottery, which they successfully did. Mavericks...

More Girls Are Being Diagnosed With Autism

Autism rates in girls have steadily risen in recent years. But as more women are diagnosed in adulthood, some wonder how many girls are still missed.