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Posts published in September 2023

Oregon State coach Jonathan Smith cupping his ******* is oddly soothing

The Oregon State Beavers and coach Jonathan Smith were shunned by their Pac-12 brethren before the season as every school but Washington State abandoned them for greener conferences, and now everyone (but Wazzu) is subject to the ire of Corvallis. On F...

We (might) know what Jordan Poole said that got him punched in the face

In the history of NBA talkers, Draymond Green is top five. He’s burrowed into the heads of far more opponents than vice versa, but it’s always the ones closest to you who know how to hurt you, and though Jordan Poole didn’t say anything that offensive ...

Things to know about the Nobel Prizes

It’s that time of the year in Scandinavia when the wind turns colder, the days get shorter and academics in Stockholm and Oslo grab the world spotlight as they announce the winners of the Nobel Prizes