Matters needing attention when using portable electric cutting blades

125*1*22 EN12413 cutting disc


1. Select the cutting piece whose structural characteristics are in accordance with the material to be ground and the grinding property. Before use, perform a comprehensive performance check and then install it by a special person.
2. The adjustable cutting blade protective cover should be used to adjust according to work requirements at any time; the maximum exposed angle of the circumference and side should not exceed 180o; the grinding speed should not be higher than the rated speed of the 125*1*22 EN12413 cutting disc during use.
3. When grinding or cutting, the force should not be too large, and the force should be applied evenly to prevent the cutting piece from being broken; the operator should wear a protective mirror.
4. When handling the cutting piece, care should be taken not to bump or bump into hard metal or other objects. The cutting piece should be away from grease, water or other solvents.

Selection of the hardness of the cutting piece Hardness of the cutting piece is an important indicator to measure the “self-sharpness” of the cutting piece. During the grinding process, the abrasive grains gradually become sharp and blunt, and some of the passivated abrasive grains continue to work, and the pressure acting on the abrasive grains will continuously increase; when the pressure is large to a certain value, some abrasive grains will Self-crushing to form a new cutting edge; when the pressure exceeds the bonding force of the bonding agent, the abrasive particles will fall off by themselves. The property of the passivated abrasive particles to self-crush or fall off to keep the cutting piece sharp is called “self-sharpness”.

The hardness of the dicing sheet reflects the ease with which the abrasive particles fall off the surface of the dicing sheet under the action of the grinding force. If the cutting piece is hard, it means that the abrasive grain is hard to fall off; the cutting piece is soft, indicating that the abrasive grain is easy to fall off.

The hardness of the cutting piece and the hardness of the abrasive grain are two different concepts that must be clearly distinguished.
It is not that the hardness of the diamond cutting piece must be high. The abrasive of the ordinary abrasive grain brown fused alumina must be low.

Cutting piece hardness grade. Expressed in English letters: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N P Q…….
The soft and hard order is incremented by times. Common hardness is K-P.

The cutting piece is selected too hard, the blunt abrasive grains are not easy to fall off, the flat cutting disc on sale is easy to block, the grinding heat is increased, the workpiece is easy to burn, the grinding efficiency is low, and the surface quality of the workpiece is affected;
The cutting piece is selected to be too soft, and the abrasive grain is also peeled off when it is sharp, which increases the loss of the cutting piece, easily loses the correct geometric shape, and affects the accuracy of the workpiece.
Therefore, the selection of the hardness of the cutting piece should be appropriate. It should also be considered according to the contact area of the cutting piece and the workpiece, the shape of the workpiece, the way of grinding, the cooling method, the type of bonding agent of the cutting piece, etc.

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