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Why cracks occur when customized metal cutting disc are used

The resin cutting piece used as the sharpening tool must pay attention to the operation specifications when it is used, otherwise, it will be prone to accidents. So what can be done to use it as a specification?
First, the use of customized metal cutting disc should first comply with the safety rules of GB2494 abrasives;
Second, the cutting piece is only allowed to be used for single piece installation. It is strictly forbidden to install two or more pieces at the same time;
Third, the use speed of the 6 inch es cutting disc cannot exceed the working line speed specified by the trademark of the customized metal cutting disc. When using the pneumatic grinding machine, it is necessary to prevent the air pressure from being unstable, resulting in the cutting piece exceeding the maximum speed;
4. The storage time of the resin cutting piece is one year. If the time exceeds the time, the rotary inspection should be carried out again.
5. When using the cutting piece, it is necessary to make a slight force. If the force is too strong, it will easily stop, jam and crush the customized metal cutting disc. If it is stuck, the cutting piece should be lifted immediately to avoid the burning of the 6 inch es cutting disc or the chipping.

Generally, some 6 inch es cutting disc will ***** after being used for a period of time. Many people can’t help but ask why it cracks.
This is mainly because the resin dicing sheet does not undergo plastic deformation like metal under the action of external force, but it is easy to concentrate the stress on a certain part so that this part of the defect-***** source is rapidly converted into a *****. Once the internal ***** is formed and reaches a certain critical dimension, it is very easy to expand. The internal stress immediately concentrates on the tip of the ***** and spreads to both sides of the tip. It cannot absorb the external force band by changing its shape like metal. The energy coming from can only absorb this part of the energy by forming a new surface. The expansion of the ***** means the formation of two new surfaces.
That is to say, the ***** spreads rapidly, and the new surface increases rapidly until the ***** is formed or broken, and the applied energy is all converted into the energy produced by the new surface so that the ***** appears.

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