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How to repair the cutting disk?


customized metal cutting disc


  1. CBN cutting disc and SDC cutting disc are trimmed with copper blocks. This kind of repairing method is like grinding the workpiece. Generally, it can be rubbed onto the copper block without rubbing (0.05~0.1). The thickness of the cutting disc can be observed to the copper block. (Water should be added when the cutting disc is trimmed).
  2. Trim the customized metal cutting disc with diamonds. Diamond repairing knives are single-point and multi-point, and we usually use single-point.
    Selection of single-point diamond repairing knives: It can be divided into three types: rough, medium and fine diamonds. Rough diamonds are generally used when grinding the outer frame.
    (1), repair the bottom of the cutting disc: put the diamond seat on the clean platform, magnetize the cutting disc to the upper part of the diamond, the horizontal view of the eye, the smaller the gap between the cutting disc and the diamond, the better, when two After the contact, each time the knife is 0.02~0.1mm, the Y-axis is trimmed before and after (Z-axis is not moving). When roughing, the Y-axis can be shaken faster. When the cutting disc is very thin, the X-axis lower knife should be Less (0.001~0.003mm), while the Y-axis shaking speed should be slowed down, you can walk a few times.
    After the cutting disc is repaired, you can feel it by hand. Use your thumb to place the cutting disc cover in the lower right corner of the cutting disc cover, and then gently touch the cutting disc surface with your index or ************* to feel its thickness.
    (2) Repair the side of the cutting disc: Place the diamond seat on the platform, magnetize it, and cut the disc to the lower part of the side of the diamond. Slowly shake the Y-axis (front and rear direction) to perform side-to-side knives, then digitally return to zero, then shake. The Z-axis handle moves left and right, and the Y-axis feed is small. It can be seen at 0.02~0.1 each time. At the same time, it should be noted that the height of the side surface of the trimming disc can be larger than the required grinding step to reduce the unnecessary waste of the cutting disc. The same is true when trimming the groove cutting disc.
  3. Trimming of the forming cutting disc: the cutting disc should be modified when grooving. When the width of the cutting disc is less, the side of the cutting disc is trimmed as in the second point, and the right side is made of diamond in a single point. When trimming the other side, use the cutting disc centimeter to measure the sand width. When approaching the required size, slice it for trial cutting to prevent the sand width from being too large (because the cutting disc is in operation when the machine spindle motion is not in the same horizontal circle) The width of the cutting disc will be slightly larger than the width of the cutting disc. When the width of the cutting disc is wider than the required groove, and the remaining material is more, the roughing diamond is used for the side trimming with the repair method, that is, the Y-axis is 0.05 mm, and the X-axis is raised. 0.1mm high, finishing with medium or fine diamonds for finishing

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