Metal cutting machine operation and maintenance

aluminum abrasive cutting disc

When clamping the cutting piece, it is necessary to select a suitable and safe clamping method according to the material type. The low price disc for metal must be horizontally perpendicular to the cutting line of the tool, and must be fastened and secured. The long material must be fastened with a special bracket.

When starting the cutting, it is necessary to observe whether the incision is skewed, and it is necessary to stop immediately when the deflection is found to prevent the cutter or the cutting piece from being twisted and broken.

When working, the operator must stand on the side of the cutting direction of the cutter and the aluminum abrasive cutting disc to prevent the cutter, the cutting piece and the chip from colliding and injuring people, and must be away from the rotating part and the ****** range of the ram.
The cutting blade cutting knife must be slowly and evenly speeded, and the force should be evenly applied. It is strictly forbidden to cut soft materials on the cutting blade cutting machine.

When clamping large cutting blades, the crane should be operated correctly, the cutting piece should be hung firmly, the command should be clear, and the obstacles should be checked carefully on the worktable. The bottom of the cutting piece should not be supported by hand. Slow speed is used when falling, and it is not allowed to produce on the machine tool. Shock. Only after correct positioning and reliable fastening can the processing be carried out. After processing, it must be determined that there is no lifting obstacle before the cutting piece can be hung.

When loading and unloading the cutting piece, it is necessary to stop and then load and unload the cutting disc for stainless steel.

It is strictly forbidden to clean the chips by hand during processing, and special tools must be used. When there is too much accumulation of chips, it should be stopped and cleaned up in time.

The cooling fluid flow rate of the cutting fluid should be adjusted properly, and the cooling part should be reasonable, and splashing is not allowed during processing. The metamorphic cutting fluid should be cleaned and collected in time, and sent to the unit to collect the spot. It is strictly forbidden to dump.

When the machine tool malfunctions or has abnormal noise, it should be stopped and inspected and processed in time. When it is unable to process, report it to the maintenance personnel in time, and fill in the daily maintenance records of the equipment and record when the platform is stopped. All electrical faults are strictly prohibited from handling by the operator.

At the end of processing or after work, the equipment should be cleaned according to the maintenance requirements of the equipment at the end of the shift, and the equipment should be thoroughly wiped.

Maintenance content: Thoroughly clean the dirt; wipe the device thoroughly.


low price disc for metal

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