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A Doll’s House review – Jessica Chastain captivates in minimalist revival

Hudson Theatre, New York

The Oscar winner makes for an exceptional Nora in a visually muted yet emotionally effective remount of Ibsen’s classic drama

Gone is the elaborate 19th-century home. Gone are the time-specific corsets and floor-length petticoats. In Jamie Lloyd’s minimalist reimagining of A Doll’s House lies a new iteration of the seminal classic.

The latest remount follows Ibsen’s original formula. Nora Helmer (Jessica Chastain), an infantilized housewife, fraudulently borrows money from disgraced banker Krogstad (Okieriete Onaodowan). Krogstad threatens to expose Nora’s secret unless she can secure his job at the bank with her husband Torvald (***** Moayed), who was recently promoted.

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