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A Train Ride at the Mall

Did I tell you that we love visiting the Independence Mall out here? Probably not but it is a nice mall, I’ve been to some in California that had lots of issues. This mall actually states there are no groups of more than four allowed in the mall, with the exception of mom, dad, and the kids. So going to the mall on a weekend and just walking around can be an enjoyable event.

Soccerboy asked that we (mom and dad) leave the two oldest with him this weekend when we went out shopping. So, we granted his wish and took Little A with us to do some fun shopping. I needed a few new shirts so off to the mall we went. I also needed shoes and for a girl with big feet, I can never find any that are cute. I can find tons…that are **** but not cute. Once at the mall he stopped off at a sandal place and told me to pick a pair. See I never wear sandals because I don’t wear jellies and I hate things between my toes. I went inside to find a nice pair with hopefully a small heel, not a large one. They were cute and everything but when I flipped them over I saw that these sandals, ie beach shoes were $150+ I turned and left the store. He kept insisting he’d buy them but there was no way I was putting those on, I knew if I stepped in a puddle anywhere they’d dissolve or something. I did end up finding a pair of really cute, white sandals that had a strap around the heel (perfect for those of us that have to run after kids and shoes won’t fly off) and it even had a small heel. My wish was granted, oh and of course since it was Payless I was able to find it under $20. Yes, I am cheap…but not for my kids they always have to have the best. Aren’t all parents like that?

Next up …. SHIRTS. Okay, I gained weight and not everything fits so I hate shopping for myself and normally will quickly grab whatever XL I can find in the clearance t-shirt aisle and leave. I don’t care what print it has on as long as it is black, white or gray. I decided I wouldn’t do that this time. I did go with a brown and black top but it had this really neat stretchy material that goes right under the ***** (as my youngest so nicely puts it) and flows down like a skirt. This gives the illusion there isn’t much tummy, which is what I like. But the best part was it had this really neat neck thing wherein the back there was a row of buttons so it made it look dressy but casual. Perfect. I got one more shirt and this one was very unlike me. I blue and white stripes a ruffle around the short sleeves and one around the back of the neck but not the front. It goes just above the “****” line so it shows a bit of cleavage but not much, at the bottom there is a drawstring on the side to tighten or loosen it.

Finally, just before we are about to leave we hear, “Choo, Choo” directly behind us is a little train giving kids a ride around the mall. Not one of the tracks either, so immediately Little A wanted on and of course, daddy couldn’t say no. Quickly we followed the train until it stopped, they jumped into line and boarded the train. I’ve included all the train photos I can find.

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