Accessing Meraki Device using CMX – MSE API

How do I access a Meraki Device? Similar to the way in this tutorial. Cisco DevNet: CMX Mobility Services - Tutorials - MSE API Introduction

Here is snapshot of the Public IP of my Meraki device

Meraki Summary Report Page

I replaced the Public IP in the tutorial with the Public IP address of my meraki device- the APIs do not work. I am able to use those APIs when connecting to the Public IP specified int he tutorial.

There is a SSL certificate preloaded in the tutorial - the purpose of certificate is to ensure the identity of the remote computer (as in Do I need to install a certificate on my Meraki device too? My take is it should not be necessary - at least to start with I should be able to use http (instead of https).

Ping to the public IP address of the Meraki device does not work.

what am I missing here? Any suggestions / pointers? Please help.

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