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Active Learning 7

Based on the readings so far, identify the three likeliest threats that you expect to encounter on the week of the event. Then identify the three most consequential threats that you expect to encounter that week. Understanding that risk is a function of likelihood and consequence (Risk=Likelihood X Consequence) (3) how do you rank order the overall risk posed by these threats?
Acting as Major Louis Warren, the principal planner for security for the DRNC event, one of the threats is the unincorporated residents who threaten police service delivery from the fact that they do not collaborate with the police department. Instead, they use the opportunity collaborate with protesters and criminals. The other threat is the DRNC event itself because it presents an environment of crime. This last threat comes from the fact that the event expects many people across the United States and with the current police personnel in Miami-Dade; there is the likelihood that the police department might be overwhelmed.
Jointly, the above risks make three most consequential risks in that they can negatively affect service delivery of Miami police department. The event is the main threat as it carries the risk of increased crime in Miami. The high number of people expected to attend the event poses a second risk whereby they may be too many for the Miami police department. The unincorporated citizens pose the third risk as there is a threat to them using the event to commit crimes. When ranked, the event is a major threat, followed by high numbers them the unincorporated citizens.
For the second part of this question, you will need to formulate a very brief policy statement (not to exceed seven words) that best addresses the risks that you have identified. You may formulate one, two, or three policy statements at the most for this question.
 High local policing on unincorporated citizens
 Need for increased law enforcement support from other local, state as well as federal agencies
 Thorough security checks on those attending the event.

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