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Advertisement critique

Today’s healthcare consumers are very active in selecting which facility to seek care. Therefore, there is room for influencing their decisions. The advertisement is meant to promote the IVF services offered by the facility and attract patients.  Given that the IVF facility in Mediheal Hospital is relatively new, the advert is powerful in informing healthcare consumers about the service. It is also focused on steering patients through influencing patients’ decisions to choose the facility.

How does the advertisement attempt to get your attention?

The advertisement attempts to get audience attention in various ways.   The first way is through the use of images in combination with texts.  A quality image adds aesthetic appeal, engages the audience’s imagination, increases comprehension and makes the advert more memorable.  The second way is through a call to action.  The third is through the use of hype. Words such as incredible make products seem exciting.

Who is the target audience for this product?

 The target audience for IVF products includes couples with infertility problems, individuals in LGBT community and single mothers who want to procreate. The global IVF devices market has witnessed a significant growth in future owing to increasing incidence of infertility cases,  technological advancements in IVF procedures, emerging trend of delayed pregnancies among women and increased occurrences of gamete donations.

List the information the advertisement provides about the product.

The advertisement provides information on infertility problems, fertility clinics, the range of products offered in the fertility clinic, the location of the facility, the success of products and other branches where the products are available.

How does the advertisement try to convince you to buy this product?

The advert inspires emotions.  The attention-grabbing advert inspires emotions and prompts one to share the information with others.  Succinctly put, the advert also creates an archetype, or projected identity, behind the brand. It asks the audience to believe that the product would meet expectations. 

How is the name of the product significant?

Naming is an emotional and contentious business. The name of the product is memorable, relevant and truly compelling.  The name is simple and description and grabs attention at the first mention.  The name is significant and carries layers of depth.

What images has the advertiser chosen to use? Why?

The advertiser uses images of babies Development to show In Vitro Fertilization.  The advertiser has chosen to use the image to strike a chord with the audience it is communicating with. The image has been used because it is specific to the product advertised. It is a form if visual communication that is powerful in persuasion (Belch & Belch, 2003).  The image serves as cues and support for the message the advertiser is passing through the advert. The image extends the conversation by supporting what it is the advertiser has to say.

What information do you think has been left out of this advertisement? Why?

The advert leaves out pricing information. This is probably because the products vary in pricing depending on a range of factors. Therefore, a single price would not be accurate to display the total price of the product. Prices may also vary depending on fees, duty, and additional charges. This means that a price statement cannot be exclusive.

Rate this advertisement on its effectiveness “does it catch and keep your attention?

The advertisement is effective as it contains a clear and eye-catching headline, a logical reason for the offer and a description of a good value. It also has an attractive offer depicts low cost to customers and high-value premium. It also has clear and understandable directions for readers to follow. The advert also gives customers a reason to select the facility through a value proposition that discriminates it from competition. The advert catches and keeps my attention with interesting information.

If you were in the market for this type of product, would you purchase from this company? Why or why not?

It depends. I would purchase the type of product if the pricing is reasonable compared other products in the market.  If the price is within the range of other product offered in the market, I would purchase it from the healthcare company. If the price is unreasonably high, I would consider other products in the market.

Would you say people were more gullible or suggestible during the time this ad was first used? Explain.

People were more suggestible as they require a little information to establish whether they will buy the product. There are many facilities offering similar products. Thus, the advertiser only requires demonstrating how different the product is from others in the market. The advert is therefore designed to encourage the audience to believe that the product is better.

What would you change about the ad?

There are two factors that I would change about the advert. First, I would use a variety of attractive images to tell the story.  A little color enhancement, as well as additional images, can turn the advert into one that tells a story.  I would use photos that are more eye-catching and deserving to be engraved into minds of the prospects readers.  I would also add a price range without necessarily including extra or optional delivery charges.  These may be included as separate components of the price.  This would allow readers to have estimates of the prices that are charged for the particular service. 


Belch, G. E., & Belch, M. A. (2003). Advertising and promotion: An integrated marketing communications perspective. The McGraw− Hill.

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