Advice from someone with NB-IoT experience?

I am currently working on a capstone project that requires us to send images over NB-IoT to a server. We are currently using Seeedstudio's Wio LTE Cat NB-IoT Tracker with a U Blox SARA N410 module. However, we are quickly discovering that these boards aren't documented very thoroughly. My teammate even emailed them that some of the code on their GitHub doesn't even work, after which they updated the code that was posted on their website.

For those that have used NB-IoT or any other cellular network, what boards did you find to be very user-friendly and intuitive for somewhat newbies? We are currently looking into SparkFun's LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT Shield and Arduino's MKR GSM 1400 as alternatives. Has anyone here worked with these before? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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