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Air and the Ideal Gas Laws

1. In part 1, the relationship between volume and pressure is inverse such that doubling the pressure reduces the volume by half (Silberberg, 2012). As such the graph is a hyperbola and does not have a linear intercept on the y-axis but theoretically the intercept would mean that at zero pressure the volume would be at a maximum.

In part 2, Pressure is directly proportional to absolute temperature in which as pressure increases, volume increases proportionally and vice versa (Silberberg, 2012). As such, at the intercept, the pressure is theoretically expected to be zero similar to Temperature which is impractical.

In part 3, pressure increase as the temperature changes, but in this case, the temperature is kept constant, the volume is constant. The number of moles depends on volume, hence will remain constant in the experiment. As such, the intercept implies that pressure is at a minimum when the number of moles remains constant which is not practical since, at constant volume, no work is done.       

2. Discuss the physical significance of the experimental ***** for each regression (part 1, 2 and 3)

            The significance of the experimental ***** for the graph of volume versus pressure is that as pressure reduces, the volume increases and at a particular point further reduction in pressure does not result to increase in volume.  

            The significance of the experimental ***** for the plot of pressure versus temperature is that it shows an ideal gas situation where pressure and temperature increases and decreases proportionally.

            The significance of the experimental ***** for the plot of pressure versus moles at 295 K and constant volume is that the constant obtained represents an ideal case of gas pressure and the number of moles where the pressure is expected to change without a change in temperature and volume of the gas.


Silberberg, M. (2012). Principles of general chemistry; McGraw-Hill Higher Education

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