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American dream: Los Angeles as it really isn’t – in pictures

“I found it beautiful and hideous and mysterious all at once,” says George Byrne of Los Angeles, which sparked a creative epiphany in the Sydney-born photographer when he moved there in 2011. Drawn to LA’s “99c stores and gas stations”, Byrne began to shoot in colour and experiment with digital manipulation and collage. The fruits of his explorations are gathered in Post Truth (Hatje Cantz, €54), whose oddly seductive vistas of parking lots and municipal spaces – in Florida as well as Los Angeles – are “definitely on the spectrum of delicious Instagram clickbait” but also refer back to artists such as David Hockney and Ed Ruscha. As per the title, these candy-coloured images are less to do with reality than Byrne’s own ideas of America and of photography itself, a medium that, for him, is “as malleable as clay”. Continue reading...

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