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Analysis of the causes of the quality of the cutting piece

1) Equipment tooling problems
customized metal cutting disc equipment problems Production equipment is an important material condition for grinding wheel production. Some enterprises lack equipment, such as no boring machine, lack of mixing machine, less hydraulic tonnage specifications, etc. Second, equipment maintenance is poor, equipment can not be in In good condition, not only is production efficiency low, labor intensity is high, but product quality is not easy to guarantee.
b. Tooling problems Some enterprise tooling management is weak, molds, etc. do not have complete accounts, no inspection and use records, no good storage places, littering at the production site.
2) Inspection control problem
Incoming goods inspection (such as raw material entering factory inspection), process inspection, routine inspection (commonly referred to as factory inspection), confirmation inspection, etc., are all important contents for the implementation of effective inspection and control by grinding wheel manufacturers. We have seen some enterprises, especially The gap between small-scale enterprises and small-scale production enterprises is obvious. The main problems are incomplete systems, unimplemented functions, lax management, short control of inspection equipment, and poor quality of inspection personnel. E.g:
a. There is no special inspection agency;
b. Inspectors often work part-time, and self-produced and self-inspected, it is difficult to strictly control;
c. The inspection system is imperfect, or the content of the system is too general or out of the enterprise;
d. The phenomenon of transfer process, storage, and release from the factory without inspection shall occur;
e. Management is confusing, the implementation standards are not strict, the inspectors are poorly responsible, the business capability is not high, and misdetection and missed inspections occur frequently;
f. Inspection equipment is in short supply and management is poor. The inspection equipment is not complete. The inspection equipment of ordinary grinding wheel has 3 large parts: namely the rotary strength testing machine; the sand blasting hardness machine (or Rockwell hardness machine); the static balancer (the dynamic balancer is also needed for the diamond grinding wheel), and others should also There are thin grinding wheel end face, radial runout tester, inner diameter gauge, vernier caliper, grinding wheel cutting performance testing machine, etc.
g. Without periodic verification and calibration, the grinding wheel inspection equipment is not only required to be fully equipped, but also requires an effective calibration state, so periodic verification or calibration is required. For example, the rotary strength testing machine must ensure two important metering characteristics, that is, the radial runout of the rotary machine main shaft must not exceed 0.07mm. Under full load rotation, the spindle rotation speed error should be no more than 3%, but some enterprises never check. The125*1*22 EN12413 cutting disc is required to be calibrated with standard glass and verified with a standard grinding wheel hardness block. However, some enterprise standard glass is broken or lost, the nozzle diameter does not match, or the accuracy of the Rockwell hardness indenter ball is out of tolerance, and the hardness measurement value is out of alignment. But still blindly used.
h. Lack of proper maintenance and maintenance Static balancer The surface roughness of the two-axis roller is Ra0.2~1.6μm. We saw on the scene that some of the shaft rollers have been rusty and some bumps.

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