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Are there any global network other than the Internet?

Last updated on January 4, 2019

        I found this definition of Global Networks:
Definition of Global Networks Currently does any Global Network exists (apart from Internet)? Can someone Quote some examples? Or non-global but on a country-wide scale(ATM network maybe)? Doesn't every other WAN network comes under the category of "Enterprise Network"? I want to know are there any other global networks other than the internet? Also, I was reading about Transport layer protocol when this line caught my eye:
More than one transport layer protocol may be available to network applications. For example, the internet has two protocols - TCP and UDP. Each of these protocols provides a different set of transport layer services to in invoking applications
more specifically this line: For example, the internet has two protocols -TCP and UDP
What are some examples of non-internet Transport layer protocols? The book briefly talked about Telephone network as WAN(Apart from the internet). But that implemented circuit-switched network. I doubt that those even had a Transport layer protocol. So, is there any other network that provides Transport-Layer services?

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