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Artificial Intelligence

Tesco Company is implementing Artificial Intelligence by feeding algorithms across business platforms. It incorporates systems such as driver routing and Google home assistance devices. Tesco Company implements AI in stocking shelves, routing drivers and ordering groceries using Google assistance. Customers get recipes; price drops alerts of items and groceries (Scott, 2017).

Financial data specialist Bloomberg implements machine learning, data, and information science to keep users within terminals.  They offer financial staff with ease of access to reams of market information. They implement techniques like computer vision as well as natural language in enhancing processing of financial information. They allow users to make queries on the terminal using natural language instead of specialized commands (Barbara, et. al., 2016).

The car service Uber has a machine learning algorithms that implement a mobile app for mapping experts and autonomous driving teams. Uber uses machine learning capabilities in predicting traveling habits. It also uses maps using computer vision as well as creating algorithms for its automated vehicles (Scott, 2017).

EDF Energy uses AI by making its nuclear power station’s more efficient. It enhances reduction of customer’s home energy consumption. EDF implements AI in facilitating character recognition by picking out and processing various figures from meter readings sent in by energy customers (Kartik, 2017). The machine learning technique is then applied in pattern recognition to spot trends in using data and information collected.

Flight and hotel search and booking site Expedia has its core services built on machine learning. They deliver quality flight search results for schedules using best fare search. They have machine learning algorithms for detecting fraud and allow customers to make traveling queries using natural language (Scott, 2017).


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