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Artificial Intelligence

It believed that computers normally reason less efficiently in comparison to a human being although they have the capacity tom think. The ancient computers lacked many aspects other that the remarkable memory capacity, as well as their adequate math skills. The computer models we currently can learn via experience, ask questions, and follow an argument as well having exceptional music and poetic abilities. With the complexity of the computers increasing, so does the imitation become better? Within the coming 15 years, following the possible two computer generations of evolution will result in computers being perceived as an emerging life form. Although the computers are void of the emotions as well as the drives that living creatures have, programming them into human brains can enhance survival. Computers can perform better as well as learn at a greater speed under motivation just like the human beings. Currently, the computers are matching human being in some functions and crisis situations when decisions needed faster; the computers outclass the humans. The computer beats the human brain because the brain has an anomaly that prevents it from the aptitude to absorb information streams simultaneously as well as quickly act on them. At the current rate, the reasoning as well as the compactness of the intelligence that built on the silicon with time will match that of the human’s brain. The ultra intelligence machines in partnership with our greatest ideas working on the main problems will produce excellent results from the human intuition and the reasoning power. The computers via the human input in terms of the spare parts and electricity will in time be providing for our entire social as well as the economic needs.

Summary two
He argues that the attempts being mad rein the field of artificial intelligence currently is not with the aim of recreating the brain. Instead, the machines are being taught in line with sophisticated sensors, massive sets of data as well as bright algorithms in order to master the distinct errands. An example is in the Netflix in the recommendation of movies to the customers as well as handling of billions of trades in the financial systems. The explosion is being seen as a payoff from the many decades in the attempts to emulate the human intelligence amid the numerous failures by the scientists. In the development f, artificial intelligence, the designing of the machines is in a way that accomplishes specific duties in ways that people could not accomplish. They believe always been in the creation of machines that can replicate achievements of the human mental capacity. After that, it is on the computer to figure out how they are going to copy the behavior using a replica situation. The epitome of the achievement in the AI field is visible in reference to the collaborations of processes that previously used to be mechanical such as the driving of cars. He argues that as it is currently, we are in a permanent engagement with the machines being locked in a rising mutual association. They believe that AI is vital uncertain systems such s in the financial sector thus we must learn to adopt since we cannot afford to get rid of it. In the earlier days, the controversy surrounding the AI was by humanists fearing the effects of machines with thinking aptitude and now that they are here, the fear has disappeared.

Summary three
AI involves the assessment as well as design in relation to intelligent agents. It is normally in relation to either machine or software. In this case, an intelligent agent entails a system that has the aptitude to perceive its environment with the intention of taking action in order to better its chances of succeeding. The modern approach to the AI commonly subdivides into seven parts. The AI as the first part offers the platform for the preceding sections considering AI systems to be intelligent agents capable of deciding what actions to take and when they are to be affected. Part II follows the problem-solving procedure via focusing on the means that need to take to preempt in case playing a game like chess. The reasoning and knowledge section analyses the methods of representing knowledge relating to the environment of the intelligent agents as well as how to logically reason with the knowledge. Research indicate that the researchers did not have to teach the computers on achievement of a particular task but just to show them what human did the task. Part IV entailed the reasoning and uncertain knowledge and involved in the decision-making and reasoning during contact with an uncertain environment. The following section entails description of the means for the generation of knowledge for the decision-making components as well as an introduction of neutral component network. The communicating, perception and the acting section emphasizes on the means of how an intelligent agent perceives the environment it is in via vision or touch.

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