Attack of the killer Jedi! The bizarre story of Turkish Star Wars

In 1982, a Turkish film-maker with a budget crisis came up with an ingenious solution for his science-fiction epic: steal some footage from George Lucas’s classic

There’s a certain point during Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam (the title translates as The Man Who Saves the World, though the film is generally better known as Turkish Star Wars) when you realise that what you’re watching isn’t like other bad films. It isn’t really like anything else at all. For some, that moment will come when two Turkish space pilots crash-land on a barren planet and the one who looks like Ronnie Wood in a Thriller jacket starts doing a special whistle that no woman can resist. Or perhaps it will be when brightly coloured felt monsters slaughter terrified children in a sequence that suggests a massacre by the cast of Sesame Street. Or it may be right at the start, during an opening voiceover that is convoluted and oddly blase (“However, at some point in time, Earth shattered into pieces …”)

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