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Function of Pass through port on Access Point?

I have an Alcatel Access Point 1201H which has got 1 uplink gigabit port while 3 downlink ports. Also there are two ports named "PT" which mean pass through ports. I want to know what is this port used for?

Request timed out error

If i connect a Huawei AP 2030-DN on my alcatel access switch LS6200 and ping from switch to AP i get the error request timed out.. what could be the reason behind the packet loss...
For some time ,ping gets successful
for nex...

Huawei APs on Alcatel switches? [on hold]

I work in Serena Hotel.

Here we have a Core switch 9700 on which Huawei Access Controller is connected on Port 2/17.
Then we have 2 distribution layer switches 6850 connected on Core switch Port 1/1(Rawal switch) and 1/2 (Ma...

ISDN and DSL comparison

From Wikipedia: "Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a set of communication standards", and for DSL: "Digital subscriber line is a family of technologies". My question is:
Is DSL built on top of ISDN and what are th...

What factors are there for network speed on isp level [on hold]

I have a pretty general question about how networks work on isp (internet service provider) level. For example you live in London and there are a lot of providers for internet, one of which Vodafone, other is O2. Both provide...

Secure IOT across vpn

How I can build secure VPN tunnel between IOT devices , what is methodology to build project like that?

Is a TCP three-way handshake required for an HTTP POST?

I don't quite understand if i posting http form data from the browser to the server, does the protocol still need to make three-way handshake (syn-ack-data) or it only works for GET http requests?