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How to download the VRP?

in the flash:/ directory, there have so many files:

Directory of flash:/

Idx Attr Size(Byte) Date Time FileName
0 -rw- 1,419 Dec 12 2009 03:37:09 private-data.tx...

Why I can not sftp into the huawei switch

I have HUAWEI S2300 Switch, this is my configuration:

[HUAWEI-A]dis current-configuration
!Software Version V100R005C01
sysname HUAWEI-A
FTP server enable
vlan batch 1 to 4 7 to 8
cluster enable
ntdp enable

Why the `policy-options prefix-list` do not shows hierarchy?

Why the policy-options prefix-list do not shows hierarchy?

In a Juniper Router,

I show policy-options, there shows:

prefix-list snmp-permit {;

prefix-list icmp-permit {

But why it do n...

Where the `term` and `policer` would appear?

Where the term and policer would appear?

In juniper, there have filter, term and policer.

I know the filter is under firewall, but how about the term and policer?

how to understand the concept?

I know the term can underst...