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How to trace the MAC route?

If there have several Switches, they are connected using trunk, and in the end switch there is server on it.

So, if there is a controller server on the other end.

if the controller trace to the end servers, there should go...

Will the CDN node use 1-1024 as the relay request port?

Will the CDN node use 1-1024 as the relay request port?

we know Client request a website page who is using CDN, it will request the CDN node, and if there is no cache, the CND node will request the Source site.

in there, th...

What’s the DF flag mean in IP packet header?

In the IP package, there is DF flag: Don't Fragment.

I have doubt about it, is it mean let all the L3 device do not to fragment the IP packet (if the L3 device found it is bigger than MTU, device will drop it)?

Or, is it m...

How the broadcast MAC address accomplished?

The Layer 2 broadcast is the destination address of the Layer 2 package is FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF.

I have a question about the broadcast MAC address.

you see the ARP request, it send the destination MAC address to the broadcast...