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How to understand the juniper’s chassis concept?

I searched a chassis article which is introducing the Chassis.

MX960 Chassis

It's a physical concept there, but I think the chassis is far more than this.
because if we in the commands:

there shows many information.


how to change a BGP path in juniper?

How to change the selected BGP route?

I show the route, there shows 3 GBP paths.

but I can not ping the ip( and can not traceroute it.

how can I do with this?

Junos how to execute a lot of repetitive commands?

In my Juniper qfx Switch, I want to execute many commands such as bellow:

set vlans vlan77 vlan-id 77
set vlans vlan77 l3-interface irb.77
set vlans vlan78 vlan-id 78
set vlans vlan78 l3-interface irb.78
set vlans vlan79 vla...

Can not add a Physical port into LAG

Using SuperMicro network module, which related to Intel SDN product,
the command PDF . and the Web GUI manual.

there I have qe57, qe61, qe65, qe69 four upstream ports, I want to aggregate them to one logical port.

so thanks for TeunVink ...