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Cannot Connect to one single ip address in VLAN

I have 3650 Switch which contain number of VLAN and I am unable to connect to one ip address from specific VLAN. But routing is properly configured and there is no ACL applied. Even end device has no any additional configurat...

What is a meaning of Load balancing Hash

What does Load balancing Hash mean in CEF?
Which commands are use to configure?
Is it support to other vendors except Cisco?
If it is not support other vendors? do they have any similar concept?
Which devices, IOS support fo...

Cisco S190 WSA and Fortigate 200E Firewall in Network

One of my customer has Fortigate firewalls and cisco Iron port(WSA 190) they have very small User base may be around 300. But their both firewall (200E) and Cisco proxy Server are very powerful.

I have two questions.

As ...

What is “oversubscription” in Networking?

I have a question about oversubscription in networking. I read a lot of documentation but I still don't understand what it means. I read the following on the Cisco website,

oversubscription of the ISL is typically on the ...