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Auto Voice VLAN on Catalyst 2960X running IOS 15.2(2)

Last updated on January 10, 2020

        I am looking to reproduce a configuration that I have quite easily achieved on the Cisco Small Business Series SG500 family of switches. The configuration is for Auto Voice VLAN, triggered by CDP and/or LLDP, which results in dynamic interface configuration for a compatible device (i.e. Cisco phone) such that said interface sets the appropriate voice VLAN, native VLAN, and DSCP and CoS Values (46 and 5 respectively) are set for traffic on the Voice VLAN. 
The resulting behavior is a compatible phone can be plugged into a port and will operate in the Voice VLAN while a computer connected to the phones switch port will enter the native VLAN. Again, voice traffic has DSCP/CoS values set as mentioned above. I am comfortable with basic configuration of the Catalyst and have a CCNA in Routing and Switching...which does not cover these topics. From my research I gather that there are at least two separate components to achieving this configuration:
  1. Configuration of the Voice VLAN:

  2. Configuration of Auto Smartport:

By coupling these concepts together, should I be able to craft a configuration that achieves my objectives? Is there anything else I should consider?

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