Banks banking on network security case study


As the knowledge of information technology is increasing, the provision of network security is becoming challenging especially in this age when even banks are allowing online transactions. It is an information age, and so security of information and transactions need to be as tight as possible so as to ensure that there is a benefit accruing to organizations in light of benefiting from the information age. The paper below highlights some of the additional network security measures for the case study named above.

Implementing a DMZ

A demilitarized zone abbreviates as DMZ provides a good protection for the servers used for accessing the Internet. A network DMZ is a buffer that exists between the Internet and an organization’s internal network. It is not the same as a firewall although it provides a similar functionality to that of the firewall, although in a different way. The case study implements the use of the firewall and forgets the implementation of a DMZ for the network. The firewall is just a block, hardware or software package that lies between the Internet and the personal computers or the network of an organization (Douligeris & Serpanos, 2007). It uses some specific rules for determining what packets have an allowance to in or out of the firewall, or which ports are usable by the public. A demilitarized zone does not work as such, and it should have placement behind the firewall to take advantage of the protection that a firewall provides. It separates a network from the rest of the public network, ensuring that important servers have enough protection from intrusion.

Checking for Rogue Access Points

An employee may want to enjoy a network access at home as he/she enjoys it at the workplace. He/she might buy a cheap plug and play access point and then plug the same to a network jack without getting permission from the network security manager. That is what the information technologists refer to as a rogue access point, and the majority of employees use those access points. Even the access points sanctioned by a company can be a major security risk if their configurations do not get proper execution (Kahate, 2013). Banks should check out for the rogue access points using the right software or by the use of management appliance collecting the login data from the access points. There should then be a daily scan of those access points so as to limit any vulnerability posed by them.


Banks should ensure that there is the usage of tight encryption standards for all the critical communications and sharing of messages done online so as to ensure there is not reading of data by unauthorized parties. It also ensures that there is no altering of the data sent between a given devices and an access point. You can liken encryption to a secret code that translates data into a gibberish that only the intended party should understand. It ensures that the sender and receiver have a key that is useful in decoding the sent messages of the transmitted data. The most secure encryption makes use of complex algorithms or keys that do change on a regular basis and so this is a good network security measure (Kahate, 2013).


The paper discussed the security mechanisms apart from those mentioned in the closing case study in question, and there is a discussion on DMZ, checking of the rogue access points and encryption. When these security measures are in place, an organization is sure of the security of its network and it will therefore not worry about any intrusion. It is, however, mandatory that the banks continue to update themselves of the new security measures to maximize their network security continually.


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