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Best puppy food for labs


My Best puppy food for labs or Labrador puppies review is for lab puppy lovers. In this article, I will review the top 5 best dog food for lab puppies with pros and cons.

Best puppy food for labs/Labrador Reviews 2019

Labrador Retrievers are friendly and working dogs originating from the North Atlantic region of Canada. Labradors were originally bred as fishing dogs trained to aid fishermen while retrieving fish, hauling nets and other fishing jobs. From their strong origin, Labradors are excellent swimming dogs and are also well suitable for various canine jobs like disability aids, rescue dogs and show dogs.
Labradors are friendly dogs since they have strong emotional attachments in family setting which makes them great with children being around. One of the distinctive features of Labradors is their easy to care fur coat. Labradors do not require extensive grooming like regular hair cutting; brushing their coats at least four times a week and bathing them about every two months makes them easy to maintain. The only downside in maintaining a Labrador is their excessive fur shed. Labradors are known for having three fur colors; Yellow, Black, Chocolate and are rarely known for their fox-red and polar-white fur colors.

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