Beyoncé and Jay-Z review – still crazy in love after all these years

Principality Stadium, Cardiff
A spectacular set of hits and more hits proves a fascinating showcase of the ups and downs of the world’s foremost musical marriage To paraphrase a line from Family Feud, a track aired tonight from Jay-Z’s most recent album, 4:44: “What’s better than one billionaire music superstar whose baby pictures melt the internet? Two.” The last time Beyoncé – said billionaire (actual net worth $350m) – and her husband Jay-Z – said other billionaire (actual net worth $860m) – toured together, in 2014, their On the Run tour did not come to the UK. Now, the Welsh capital finds itself hosting the very first night of the couple’s On the Run II world tour, in which a mature, battle-worn, convincing love affair between two huge entertainers is played out on a vast stage with a set the size of a small city block, with double-jointed dancers, live horn and string sections and mobile hydraulic platforms. If you were pitching the whole thing to a producer in a lift, it’s Beyoncé’s Formation tour of 2016-meets-Watch the Throne, the hip-hop double-header undertaken by Jay-Z and Kanye West in 2011 and 2012 – except with a lot more pictures of small children woven into the slightly strained Caribbean Bonnie and Clyde visual narrative that frames the show. This is not the Afro-American extravaganza of signifiers that Beyoncé put together for the Coachella festival in the US in April, in which she reunited Destiny’s Child and packed her stage set with symbolism. But there is no shortage of wow factor here, if perhaps for slightly different reasons than anticipated. Continue reading...

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