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BGP Graceful-restart Initialization Flag

Last updated on December 27, 2018

        In a capture I've made between a Cisco 6500 (with two SUP2T card) and another Firewall I can see that the Cisco Router is sending a "Forwarding State" Flag equal to 0.
Since this is in the initialization and since in the RFC we can read : If one wants to apply graceful restart only when the restart is planned (as opposed to both planned and unplanned restart), then one way to accomplish this would be to set the Forwarding State bit to 1 after a planned restart, and to 0 in all other cases. Other approaches to accomplish this are outside the scope of this document.
Does-this mean that the Cisco is only capable to supporting Planned Graceful-restart (ie. Card SwitchOver) and not unplanned (ie. Sudden problem with the SUP2T card). Is there any reason for the Cisco to not send a "Forwarding State" Flag equal to 1 in the initialization ? Thanks for any help,

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